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Kharpann is a team of data scientists dedicated to changing how customers experience technological products with the help of data science and machine learning.
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We help businesses use data science tremendously well.

Growing a business is tough and growing a data driven business is tougher. Lucky for you, we have expertise in doing just that.
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Dedicated data science team

We work as an extension of your business and not just as an outsourcing company. We care, help and grow with you as your own virtual in-house team.

Competitive AI/ML solutions

All of our AI/ML models are built using state-of-the-art algorithms to provide you with the competitive edge you are looking for.

Pre-engagement support

We provide pre-engagement support to help you have a clear vision of what your product can be with the power of data science.

Better than the alternatives

Our team of data scientists are able to empower you with more value than what an in-house analyst or any data analysis tool can offer.

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The algorithm uses Layered Depth Image with explicit pixel connectivity as underlying representation, and presents a learning-based inpainting model that synthesizes new local color-and-depth content into the occluded region in a spatial context-aware manner.